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Our sunglasses are proudly manufactured in a small region of Northern Italy. Nestled in a valley surrounded by The Dolomite Mountain Range, this historical town has been delivering world-class eyewear for over a century. There, Les Monts collaborates with one of the region’s most revered manufacturers— hand selected for their careful craft and kindred spirits. Working hand-in-hand with Klugman, these craftsmen bring to life concepts which would otherwise only exist on paper. Channeling a skillset that has been refined through generations, these artisans execute a variety of unique details each frame, giving our collection its aesthetic fingerprint and signature warmth. A single pair of Les Monts spectacles incorporates over 200 steps which can take nearly a half year to produce; a process in which each frame is enriched by the expertise of over 60 craftsmen.

Les Monts - Craftsmanship | Handmade Acetate
Les Monts - Craftsmanship | Factory Scale
Les Monts - Craftsmanship | Acetate Milling
Les Monts - Craftsmanship | Hand Polishing

Steeped in rich layers of tradition, our partners approach manufacturing with a respect for traditional processes and an embrace of innovative techniques; a marriage that results in one-of-a-kind frames which simultaneously evoke nostalgia. Perhaps most importantly, Klugman felt a personal connection with our manufacturers because their values reminded him of a vital lesson he learned from his father: The importance of taking your time. A dentist by trade and craftsman in his own right, Mr. Klugman taught his son that taking your time means no detail is overlooked, no quality is sacrificed, and no corners are cut. Taking your time means you have respect and passion for your craft. From the moment he met his manufacturing partners, Klugman knew they shared this familial belief — and with that, an artisanal partnership was born.



Les Monts spectacles are rare and handmade, and as such, no two pairs are exactly the same. Similarly, our process for delivering our spectacles to customers is complete with personal touches. Before shipping Les Monts to our customers, Klugman himself applies finishing touches at home in New York City. Using a 50-point checklist, he begins with a detailed inspection to ensure the product meets our standard for quality, fit, alignment, and comfort. If a frame does not receive all 50 points, it is not sold. The process ends with a meticulous hand-polishing of each frame, adding an unparalleled sparkle that is distinct to the Les Monts collection. In this stateside hand-polishing, the gap between object and art is bridged.

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