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Amidst the enchanting embrace of Northern Italy, our sunglasses come to life in a small region nestled within the The Dolomite Mountain Range. This historical town has been delivering world-class eyewear for over a century. Here, Les Monts forges a profound collaboration with one of the region's most revered manufacturers, carefully chosen for their artful craftsmanship and kindred spirits. In harmonious synergy with Les Monts, these esteemed craftsmen breathe life into concepts that would otherwise remain mere sketches on paper. Drawing upon a skillset refined through generations, these artisans channel their expertise into every frame, bestowing our collection with a distinctive aesthetic fingerprint and signature warmth. The creation process for each pair of spectacles culminates after traversing a thorough journey of 200 steps, spanning nearly half a year of unwavering craftsmanship. Guided by the skilled hands of over 60 artisans, every frame is infused with unmatched expertise and devotion, resulting in a true masterpiece. In this serene realm of artisanal dedication, our sunglasses come to embody not only the essence of Klugman's vision but also the very soul of the enchanting Italian region they hail from. As we continue our journey, Les Monts remains eternally devoted to crafting eyewear that transcends time, echoing the legacy of over a century of excellence.

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Steeped in rich layers of tradition, our esteemed partners approach the art of manufacturing with an unwavering respect for time-honored processes and an embrace of innovative techniques, culminating in extraordinary frames that exude nostalgia and individuality. Beyond all, Klugman discovered a personal connection with his manufacturer, as their values mirrored a vital lesson imparted by his father - the significance of taking one's time. A dentist by profession and a craftsman in his own right, Mr. Klugman instilled in his son the essence of patience as it relates to quality; a process in which no detail is left unnoticed, no compromise is made on quality, and no shortcuts are taken. This invaluable principle of "taking your time" reflects the profound respect and passion for the craft. Upon encountering his manufacturing partners, Klugman knew, with unshakable certainty, that they shared this familial belief, forging a truly artisanal partnership of shared values and devotion.



Each pair of spectacles is a rare and artisanal creation, making them truly one-of-a-kind. Handmade with utmost care, no two pairs are ever exactly alike, imparting a sense of individuality to every eyewear masterpiece. Just as our frames are crafted with personal touches, so is our process for delivering these unique creations to our cherished customers. Before a Les Monts spectacle finds its way to your hands, Klugman himself meticulously applies the finishing touches from the heart of New York City. Following a comprehensive 50-point checklist, he embarks on a detailed inspection, leaving no aspect unchecked. From ensuring impeccable quality to perfect fit, precise alignment, and ultimate comfort, each frame is scrutinized against the highest standards. Only those that receive all 50 points pass the test and are deemed worthy of being presented to our esteemed clientele. The process culminates with an artful hand-polishing of every frame, performed with unrivaled care. This final touch bestows a dazzling sparkle that is quintessentially Les Monts, setting our collection apart with an irreplaceable brilliance. During this stateside hand-polishing, the boundary between object and art blurs, as our eyewear transcends the ordinary and becomes a true embodiment of artisanal mastery. With every Les Monts spectacle, we bridge the gap, crafting not just a product but a work of art that reflects our unyielding commitment to excellence and the legacy of timeless elegance.

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