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Amidst the kaleidoscope of creative existence, our spectacles emerge as an irreplaceable lens, allowing us to perceive the world in all its splendor. Yet, within this vibrant canvas of life, there are moments when hues may dim, and the fervor of joy seems elusive. Be it your personal encounter with mental health challenges or your compassionate understanding of those who navigate such paths, rest assured, you are never alone in this shared voyage. Mental Health America sheds light on a profound reality - a staggering 46 percent of Americans will encounter a diagnosable mental health condition throughout their lifetimes. Astonishingly, half of these courageous souls will embark on this journey even before crossing the threshold into their adolescent years, at the tender age of 14.

In reverent homage to our very namesake, "the mountains," Les Monts becomes a steadfast ally, standing unwaveringly beside you as you traverse the undulating landscape of existence. Just like these majestic peaks symbolize the undulating highs and lows of life, we embrace both the crests of joy and the valleys of reflection with utmost compassion and understanding. Our wearables transcend the realm of mere adornments; they are empowering conduits that invigorate our cherished community to acknowledge, nurture, and normalize conversations surrounding mental health and well-being.

With empathy and support interwoven into the very fabric of our brand, we celebrate the uniqueness of every individual and cherish the unity of our collective spirit. Within this haven of acceptance and comprehension, we can cultivate an empowering environment where mental wellness flourishes, not merely acknowledged, but passionately celebrated. At Les Monts, we hold dear the essence of your well-being, and together, with resolute determination and love, we illuminate the path towards a future where mental health is nurtured and revered.

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With profound pride, Les Monts joins hands with Mental Health America, the preeminent non-profit mental health organization in the nation, to kindle poignant discussions about mental health and overall well-being. An enduring commitment binds us, and each passing year, a portion of our annual revenue finds its purpose in supporting Mental Health America (MHA) and their vital endeavors to champion mental health for all.

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