Les Monts - Materials | Cotton Plant


Les Monts works with premium cellulose acetate, a sustainable, hypoallergenic polymer with transformational properties. Beginning as a raw slab derived from cotton and wood pulp, our precious cellulose acetate is dyed, pressed, stretched, cut, and cured for several months. Then, our craftsmen transform and sculpt the material into a novel work of art. Our cellulose acetate is of the finest in the world, manufactured by family-owned businesses in Japan and Italy who have spent generations honing their craft. Like a painter mixing tones until arriving at the perfect shade of blue, Les Monts combs these historic libraries of acetate to handpick the most considered hues for the collection. In addition to curating just the right colors, Les Monts works exclusively with custom acetate far thicker than the market standard. With such thickness, our esteemed craftsmen can carve this material into exceptionally unique compositions. In the case of Les Monts, Klugman’s imagination led him to a collection that is distinctly bold, representing the intrepid society we honor through our brand and products.


Our metal frames are delicately composed with fine titanium, a precious material that’s a cut above its counterparts, such as stainless steel. Titanium frames wear light on the face, are flexible to the touch, and are completely hypoallergenic. Sourced from regions around the world, this precious mineral offers unmatched comfort and durability, making titanium eyewear attractive and practical. As a metal, titanium provides a stunning strength to weight ratio, an attribute which allows our artisans to make innovative design decisions without sacrificing the comfort or fit of our frames. Our skilled craftsmen transform raw materials into intricate works of art, employing techniques few others would attempt, prioritizing quality over mass production. For true luxe comfort, each pair of Les Monts frames are clad with custom branded titanium nose pads.

Les Monts - Materials | Raw Titanium
Les Monts - Materials | Titanium


As a purveyor of fine quality goods, Les Monts fits all spectacles with world class lenses. Employing the most advanced materials and technologies, our lens palette is carefully selected from two of the most respected manufacturers in the space. These manufacturers have been handpicked for their unrivaled quality, innovative capabilities and the preciousness of their raw material. Our CR39 lenses are sourced from a close knit community of manufacturers in Sabae, Japan who have perfected the clarity of their product, offering lenses in a kaleidoscopic of hues. Our mineral glass lenses also come with a great deal of rarity. While sunglass manufacturers used to work exclusively with glass lenses, there are only a handful of manufacturers working with this material today. The workshops that are still standing are experts in their craft, and we’re privileged to work hand-in-hand with these revered artisans. All lenses in our collection offer 100% UVA/UVB protection, and are equipped with anti-reflective coating, a beautiful iridescent filter that protects the eye from reflective UV exposure. Offering the optimal balance of color, contrast, and clarity to the creative who dons them, our lenses are some of the finest in the world.

Les Monts - Materials | Lenses
Les Monts - Materials | Mineral Glass Lenses